VPS.net 30 days FREE VPS Trial

VPS.net is offering a very generous 30 days vps trial for free. With no coupon codes or even credit card needed. This is the best promotion this company has to offer to test their new cloud servers. Better grab this opportunity while the offer is still on the table.

Sporting the following specs for their free trial vps

10GB Webspace
1000GB Bandwidth

With a total of eight data centers available spread around the US, UK and even Asia with the following ping responses

Haarlem, Netherlands (Amsterdam) – Ping Test:
London, England – Ping Test:
Atlanta, Georgia – Ping Test:
Chicago, Illinois – Ping Test:
Salt Lake City, Utah – Ping Test:
Tokyo, Japan – Ping Test:
Paris, France – Ping Test:
Manchester, England – Ping Test:

This is an unmanaged VPS with the option to pay a flat fee of $10 per support ticket which can handle any of your requests which is better for advanced user. Instead of paying a high monthly fee for a managed account you can move on with an unmanaged account and pay only when a managed support is needed.

Sign up is very easy and if you’re the lazy type (even for an awesome stuff like this) you can sign up using your Facebook or Google account. It’s just that easy!

Click here for the direct link of VPS.net Free VPS Trial



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